What is the color of the Milky Way should be

We always see some beautiful milky way photos but maybe sometimes we will ask, why they look so different in colors? It is about the color temperature problem. Experienced photographers know that it is supposed to keep White Balance with the right settings to get photos with rich colors and […]

4K shooting, a new possibility for lightweight planetary photography?

Planetary and moon photography always about stacking. Atmospheric disturbances can affect the stability of images at great distances. Also, most of the cameras used for planetary photography have smaller sensor formats with high pixel density. The signal-to-noise ratio is always insufficient. The current mainstream practice is the use of specialized […]

Equivalent: f/4.0 are always f/4.0

Once I went to a studio for attending a pre-wedding photographing event. I was interested in the studio lighting operation. The photographer told me his exposure settings and let me had a try. He shot with a 35mm format DSLR and I used 4/3 format camera E-M1. As a result, […]