In-Camera output: Cine films style by E-PL9

I don’t shoot in-camera JPEG but adjust colors in post-production. I started shooting in the films era, so I love to color grade my photo to look like films. However, I admit that the convenience of in-camera JPEG output is sometimes quite suitable for travel and daily life records. If storage space allows, shooting RAW+JPG would be good. Some brands in the market currently boast films simulation as their selling point. Some latest Olympus cameras model also provide independent color separation adjustment dials, and some users have used color separation adjustment settings to simulate the imaging style of some famous […]

Equivalent: Prespective

M4/3 was introduced in 2008 by Panasonic and Olympus. It attracted some users who shoot basically with the 35mm system, and they finally switched to the new system or used it as a spare system. However, some new users thought that the M4/3 lens with matching equivalent focal length does not share the same perspective. For example, when someone uses a 17mm lens on the M4/3, he feels that the angle of view is quite different from the 35mm lens of the 35mm system. They thought, “because that’s the perspective of a 17mm lens.

The proper choice – OLYMPUS m.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS

When OLYMPUS announced the mZD 150-400 TC, she also launched the mZD 100-400, which has slightly fewer specifications but can also reach the 35mm format equivalent of 800mm angle of view, providing users with the cheapest option. How does the mZD 100-400 compare to the performance level of the mZD 100-400?

Counterattack to Smartphones – OLYMPUS automatic transmission

In the age of smartphones, shooting quality and photo processing power are getting higher and higher. Cameras and Desktop Computers are not necessary anymore. I think that if anyone still shooting with a camera, he must be still keen on something in mind. Olympus cameras have long introduced Wi-Fi transmission and are easy to use, connecting with just QR code scanning. It can transfer RAW or JPEG photos and movie clips. It also works as remote-controlling of cameras. Started from E-PL9, Olympus added Bluetooth. Bluetooth consumers less power so it is ideal to act as the communication between smartphones and […]

Good old days: Olympus E-5

Olympus, which led the camera industry into the mirrorless era together with Panasonic by the M4/3 system, confirmed the sale of its camera business to Japan Industrial Partners Inc. (JIP), and according to public information, the details of the deal are about to be finalized at the time of this writing. At this time, I want to talk about the legendary DSLR – The last 4/3 cameras OLYMPUS E-5.