Art of Spectrum: Introduction to Light Pollution Filters

We always heard about light pollution filters for starry sky photographing. People who live in urban areas always suffer from light pollution when they look at the night sky. However, there are various kinds of filters in the market. Are they effective in filtering light pollution? How should we choose when most brands launch several different models of filters?

4K shooting, a new possibility for lightweight planetary photography?

Planetary and moon photography always about stacking. Atmospheric disturbances can affect the stability of images at great distances. Also, most of the cameras used for planetary photography have smaller sensor formats with high pixel density. The signal-to-noise ratio is always insufficient. The current mainstream practice is the use of specialized Astro cooling cameras connected to the computer, shooting thousands of frames of AVI files, and then stacked them with software. However, computers and equatorial instruments are not the equipment that you bring out every day. Also, it is a bit too tiring to set up a telescope, equatorial mount, and […]